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NVC’s Rubicon Café!

A Community Music Experience at NVC!

We host musicians from both the national and local music scene as well as provide a fun environment for you and your friends to step up to the microphone and share your talents with us!

For more information on
Rubicon Café, please contact:
Jodi Floyd


My husband and I attended the Rubicon Cafe Friday night. What a night! The music was so awesome - a little Folk music, a French song (actually sung in French), a Karen Drucker song, two Broadway tunes, Santana, ZZ Top and Prince. Dok and Gal were amazing. So talented and so very fun!

There should have been a cover charge for so much amazing talent... This was an evening of phenomenal entertainment in which you can sing along, clap, dance, relax and enjoy. So next time you are planning a Friday night happy hour, a birthday party, family get-togethers, etc., Please keep the Rubicon Cafe in mind. We NVC'ers do not wanna see this wonderful idea go away!

I'm enjoying Awesome music this evening by a variety of very talented artists! I'm eating an excellent dinner with wine, to be followed by cookies, cake and brownies. I was welcomed by the gracious and friendly Rubicon host, Jodi. WOW!
-- Brad Wentker

It was such an amazing evening. The musicians were fabulous and I met so many wonderful new people. I wanted to convey my heart felt gratitude to you for putting this evening together.
Thank you and Quantum Blessings,
-- Chris Follmer

Wow, what a great evening...
full of surprises, great food, wonderful people. Rubicon Rocks! Just wanted to say thanks.
-- Sandy Trudel

We had a blast. Thank you for another great event. I love the energy you're creating. Always great to see you, peace and blessings,
-- GC

Wow, thanks for a wonderful time. The music was awsome.
-- Terry

Wow! Yes! Rubicon Cafe! To our beautiful Hostess, food, music ambiance the very best in town. It was a wonder-filled night. Thank you so much for your part in the evolution of humanity. I am so grateful. Warmly,
-- Katia

Rubicon Rocks! Sharon and I were so blessed to have been there. You are doing an extraordinary job with pulling all of these amazing entertainers together. Everyone was so excited to share with the people there. We have so much talent in our beautiful valley. Big hugs and congratulations you did grand! Love and blessings,
-- Susan






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