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What Practitioners “Do”

When we are facing a personal challenge or problem, it is always a blessing to be in the presence of someone who unconditionally believes in us; someone who knows that we are strong, capable and powerful despite the conditions we are facing. It is an even greater gift to us when that person is someone who has studied and used Universal Principles in their own life to transcend conditions, and is skilled at using those same skills for others.

That is essentially what Practitioners of Religious Science do. They are individuals who have enjoyed the teachings of Religious Science, and have taken classes and deepened their ability to use the Principles effectively in their own life.

At some point, something within motivated them to move forward to not only study the Principles of this teaching, they also support others in using and applying these Principles. Practitioners have invested 3-4 years in classes, have passed an extensive written examination, and have been interviewed by a panel of other Practitioners and Ministers to be assured that they are ready to take on the role of Practitioner of Religious Science.

They are licensed by the United Centers for Spiritual Living, and serve a local community renewing their license to practice every two years. In the capacity of Practitioner they support the community in a number of capacities including:

  • always deepening their own sense of the divine Presence, praying daily for themselves and their local spiritual community,
  • being present in Sunday morning services in a number of roles,
  • teaching classes and workshops,
  • writing inspirational articles,
  • receiving written and phoned in prayer requests, and
  • seeing clients privately for spiritual counseling and instruction in our teaching.

Each Practitioner has the opportunity to work with individuals, couples, families, companies to assist them in using our teaching and as a Prayer support. Because we believe that prayer is a transformative tool for us, and that there are times we cannot see the deeper Truth of us clearly, we use Practitioners as that unconditional support system who can stand with us in Faith when we cannot stand in Faith for ourselves.

For someone in distress, it can be a huge relief to know that a Practitioner is in prayer for them each day. That relief alone makes the client more receptive to the conditions they prefer to experience. Because we believe that consciousness creates, Practitioners assist us in developing the consciousness around our lives that we choose rather than simply defaulting to our hidden beliefs which often manifest in uncomfortable conditions. They are truly a gift to us that we can enjoy as we receive them.

Often people seeking a Practitioner will go to the “Prayer Zone” that is available after services each Sunday to receive a complimentary treatment by a Practitioner. This can assist in getting a sense of one they feel connected to.

Additionally, Practitioners list their phone numbers so that potential clients may call them and talk with them prior to scheduling a private session. Questions about where they see clients, and how much they charge can often help a potential client get a sense of if a Practitioner feels right for them or not.

Over the years in our teaching, countless transformations, miracles and shifts in the lives of millions have been observed and spoken about through the use of our Practitioners. They are truly a vital part of our teaching, and of New Vision Spiritual Growth Center.

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