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The History of New Vision Center...

October 20, 1988 was the first meeting of Visioning for the future New Vision Center. The visioning process was done following Michael Beckwith’s process presented at Asilomar in 1988. The qualities the group thought best represented them were Love, Integrity, Commitment to spiritual growth, joy and openness.

Members of the first Vision Group were:

Front row: Joe Murphy, Mary Alice Edgerton, Rev. Joyce Murphy,
Julie Jerrell and Pete Romer. Back row: Ginger Hutton, Regina Best,
Joyce Romer, June Ginalski and Audrey Burke.

Out of the visioning came our Purpose Statement:

“The New Vision Spiritual Growth Center is committed to
the joy of spiritual growth through openness, integrity and love.”

And the Vision Statement:

“Love awakens the heart and transforms lives!”

Where there is no vision the people perish. Our Vision Group was then established and meet twice a month. This group does not make policy, but instead holds the vision for our center. Each person is committed to embodying the qualities in their own lives that we want to see manifest in our center. All new projects come before the vision groups and 3 questions are asked, Does it fit the vision? Is the motive pure? Is it being forced?

The Interim Board of Trustees were selected. They were Bob Douglas, Mary Alice Edergton, June Ginalski, Ginger Hutton, Joe Murphy, Joyce Romer, Pete Romer and Rev. Joyce.

Practitioners came to help form our new church. They were Nicia Anderson, Regina Best, Mary Alice Edgerton, Ginger Hutton, Julie Jerrell, Gael Ragle, Alicia Ridgeway and Joyce Romer.

A Sunday Celebration was held on October 30, 1988, at Joyce and Pete Romer’s home. 65 people attended.

A potluck picnic was held November 20, 1988 at Paradise Valley Park in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Suggestions for a name were discussed and New Vision Spiritual Growth Center was selected.

Rev. Joyce Murphy was the Founding Minister
of New Vision Spiritual Growth Center

A Chartering Party was held on December 18, 1988. 72 people attended and signed the charter. The first service for New Vision Spiritual Growth Center was held at Desert Shadow Middle School on January 1, 1989. 140 people attended.

Services were moved to Kerr Cultural Center on
December 2, 1990, so a larger congregation could be served.

On January 27, 1997, Religious Science Community Church merged with New Vision Center. A big celebration was held on March 2, 1997 celebrating the joining of the two churches. Founding ministers from both churches, Rev. Joyce Murphy and Rev. Kathryn McDowell, along with CEO Bob Gayle were present. Since this had never been done in the history of United Church of Religious Science, this was a ground breaking event.

Funds were raised to purchase a permanent new home site and, in December of 1999, property at 11050 N. 96th Street was purchased. Classes and offices were moved to this site and plans to build our own building were made. A design was presented to the community but, sadly, the property was sold as requirements of the city made it impossible to have enough room for our congregants to park.


While our ultimate dream was to own a building, we discovered a rental property in a vacant former Wild Oats store. We negotiated a lease, paid to build it out, and moved in, holding our first service at our Mountain View property on August 14, 2005. Our intention was to rent there for the seven year lease, grow our community and then purchase a place of our own. 

We had four wonderful years there of growing our organization in many ways.  However, in June of 2009 a potential building to purchase showed up “out of the blue.”  To move into it we needed to negotiate out of our lease at Mountain View, be sure our congregation wanted to do it, and get a loan during some challenging economic conditions. 

It took six months, and lots of prayer, but ultimately in December of 2009 we moved into our very own building on Tatum Boulevard! Our move was with great joy and was very miraculous on many levels. We have begun a new era of continuing depth and power as a spiritual community.

We are so blessed... and so it is!





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