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Gourmet for God Dinner Bidding!

Thank you for participating in New Vision’s 2014 Fundraiser, Gourmet for God.
You are about to discover some of our community’s delightful culinary talents!

Review dinner list and current bids here.
It will open in a new window or right click to download

Review the dinners and prepare to bid! Note that dinners are listed by date (not dinner numbers) and each dinner has it’s own bid closing date.

You may bid on the dinners of your choice after Sunday service, or by submitting it online to our program chairpersons by completing your online bid below. You will be notified of your bid status.

The dinner list will be updated with current bid amounts every Wednesday.
Don't have a bidder number? Questions? E-mail Ron Owen here.

Winning bidder? Make your payment here!




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