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What is a “Community Group?”

Community Groups are connecting points for our community. They are a group of people with a similar interest, or from a specific demographic who gather together on a regular basis and share and support one another. 

Community Groups are formed as a number of people who are interested in having a specific group set a meeting with our Community Spiritual Leader. They go through a process of Visioning together, and creating a Vision Statement. They then choose their leader(s), decide the logistics of how they would like to meet and work with our staff to schedule their ongoing meetings. 

These groups are open to all who fit into the subject matter of the group, and are great settings to meet others. New Vision Center for Spiritual Living has had groups over the years for men, women, singles, couples, parents, and writers. Additionally, we have had many groups form around a specific topic such as abundance, the Course in Miracles, Real Love, etc. 

For their current activity, check our calendar of events. Group activities are also listed in our weekly bulletin.

Join a Community Group and share your wisdom with us!

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