Gary Lynn Floyd

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…It is Gary’s openness to divine inspiration that fuels his endless supply of musical ideas, creates his heart-opening lyrics, and is the light that shines through his performances. With his piano and microphone, Gary is a catalyst for positive change and raises the collective vibration not only through his music but also through his welcoming presence on stage.

Gary brings to his musical performances the culmination of a life’s work. From early roots in gospel and jazz to stage and screen acting to his recent one-man show “When Gary Met Harry: The Music of Harry Warren”, Gary draws from a deep and eclectic well of talent and experience.

Critics and fans alike respond to Gary with open arms. The Global Women’s Empowerment Network selected Gary’s “Unbound” as its theme song: the CW Network Television Series, Troubadour TX, featured Gary among celebrated Texan singer-songwriters: and Gary critically acclaimed EP, The Gospel of Zen was nominated for three 2010 Out-music Awards, including Album of the Year.

With a unique ability to tune into truth and translate it into music, Gary also has written and recorded various film scores including “Music in the Meaning” for the Noetic Films’ documentary, Viktor & I.

In his newest album My88keys Vol. 1, Gary goes unplugged and invites fans to lean in close for an intimate session with simply the artist and his piano. The first single, “Love Cover Me,” sets the tone with its inspirational and poetic message of love and light. “Kindness wash over me / Make me a symphony / Play every note you can find.”

Backpack Drive

(continued from newsletter)…Julia and Reece were there to welcome us with open arms, give us a tour of the mobile unit and tell us a little bit more about how our gifts will be used to support the homeless and outreach youth.  They expressed how wonderful it was that the 78 backpacks we had to give them were not all the same.  They told us that often these children do not have the chance to pick out something that is unique that they can call their own.  Our gifts would give them that chance.  What a pleasure it is to partner with such an amazing organization and share in circulating our good to our greater Phoenix community.  A big thank you to all of you donated backpacks and supplies as well the members of the community outreach team who assisted in this project.  We could not have done it without you.

Yours – In the joy and spirit of giving,
Karen Blakeley

A big thank you for all that helped in this community drive:

Jeni Lipe                                                       Jenn Johnston
Bonnie Saba                                               Susan Taffer
Marty Stephens                                         Maureen Geraghty
Karen Wiegand-Oschmann                     Beth Weller
Bob Heffernan                                           Celeste Morin
Pam Wake                                                  Karen Gridley
Toni Farrar                                                 Lezli Goodwin
Penny Macek                                             Jennie DeNoia
Zoe Ballin                                                   Nikki Ballin


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Wake Up to a Hot Cup of Joy

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That’s true. But, remember, joy is the evidence of God’s outpouring of spirit. It is an expression of God’s exuberance and delight made manifest through us. It is what empowers us and makes us feel at one with the Divine.
But who among us, at times, has not been sapped of their energy, enthusiasm and zest for life? Sometimes “stuff” happens. We get thrown an unexpected curve ball and joy strikes out — and then must beat a humiliating retreat back to the dugout.
But what if we really got that our joy is not dependent on circumstances? How would life be different if times of being out of alignment with our joy were minimized?
Imagine all the lives and situations in which you could make a positive impact. Imagine starring in a life you love so much that your vibrancy and vitality shine through in everything you do.
Imagine waking up to a hot pot of joy, God’s natural caffeine, every morning. Savor the taste, savor the aroma. Imagine pouring a cup and sharing it with others. No reason to keep it to yourself because joy is contagious and is meant to be shared.
Join us this Sunday as Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton personally pours you a hot cup of joy — no creamer needed!!


Co-Creation Process

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…In preparation for our gathering, I invite you complete the following assignments;

  1. Read the Sacred Covenant Co-Creation Process handout (see link below) during your spiritual prayer time. This practice will serve to bring us into deeper agreement regarding the purpose, vision and intentions for our work together.  You may wish to add an intention for yourself, and for others in the spaces provided.  Then, sign and date it.  In this way, it becomes your Covenant with Spirit for the Co-Creation Process.
  1. Daily do the Praising Prayer Practice 3x for each for the following: 1) My Center or NVC. 2) My leadership 3) My Community 4) My world 5) My Life

“I praise  _________
I raise     _________
In the Name of Love”

Again, thank you for your willingness to participate in the “Co-Creation Process” for your beloved Center.  I’m looking forward to being with you.  If you have questions please feel free to call me at 503-784-9897.

Abundant Blessings,

Rev. Catherine Dollahite

Link to the Sacred Covenant Co-Creation Process