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At New Vision Center, We Teach Spiritual Living and Live Spiritual Teaching. We have been servicing the greater Phoenix area since 1989 and we welcome people of all religions!

Our daily devotion is to discover God within us, and to reveal more of our true spiritual nature and potential. We embrace teaching how to think rather than what to think.

Each Sunday our ministers present a positive, pragmatic and uplifting message on how to use the power of your thought, affirmative prayer and meditation techniques. We also produce workshops, seminars and classes in all areas of life, including topics on relationships, creative potential, prosperity, self-esteem and more.
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Whether you’re searching for a fun, open-minded community, or if you just don’t feel “spiritually empowered” after attending your current service, join us for a Sunday service soon!

You’ll love us; we promise!

Thank you for participating in New Vision’s 2014 Fundraiser, Gourmet for God. You are about to discover some of our community’s delightful culinary talents! 

Review dinner list and current bids here
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Review the dinners and prepare to bid! Note that dinners are listed by date (not dinner numbers) and each dinner has it’s own bid closing date.

You may bid on the dinners of your choice after Sunday service, or by submitting it online to our program chairpersons by completing your online bid below. You will be notified of your bid status.

The dinner list will be updated with current bid amounts every Wednesday. Don't have a bidder number? Questions? E-mail Ron Owen here.

Maricopa County Animal Control Mobile Pet Adoption Van

Maricopa County will bring in their mobile adoption van to display dogs and cats that are in need of a forever home. All will be spayed or neutered and all shots will be current.

Come take a look if you are able to provide a new home to one of these abandoned pets.

Second Sunday of Each Month starting in October.

9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.

South Parking Lot

This is a free event

Pastapalooza - Dinner & Talent Show

Join us for an evening of great food, amazing talent and lots of fun!

Pastapalooza starts with a great pasta dinner (gluten free and vegetarian included), and ends with an exciting talent show that will showcase a variety of performances of the arts.

Tickets are just $30! All proceeds benefit NVC.

Friday, September 12, 2014

7:00 pm.

New Vision Center Sanctuary

Purchase tickets here

Principles of Financial Freedom

Created by Dr. Marcia Sutton and Lloyd Strom, RScP

A very unique presentation for adult learning! This popular course contains in-depth material that allows you to examine money and many other areas of your life, thereby gaining a new perspective of how this system of beliefs is already at work. You will observe and gain a newer understanding of the interplay of thought, emotions, desire, action, spirit, and all facets of being working together to create a new level of well-being and abundance in your life. A comprehensive workbook and creative exercises are included.

Accredited with UCSL as preliminary training for Licensed Professional Practitioners and Ministers

Required textbooks:Financial Freedom Workbook by Sutton and Strom. 

9/16/2014 - 11/4/2014 (Tuesdays)

$160 fee with the following 8 week class payment options:

$210 - $45 Deposit and Pay "as you go"

Register now via $210 Pay "as you go" & $45 Deposit

Taught by Reverend Sally Robbins.

Roots of the Science of Mind

Where did Ernest Holmes get that idea? Three individuals had great influence on Holmes' writings: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Thomas Troward. Each one gave him a key piece to his philosophy: Emerson taught him about "Soul". Hopkins gave him a deeper understanding of "Mysticism". Judge Troward aided Holmes in understanding the workings of "the Law". Join the dialogue on these three authors and their influences on Holmes' writing. You will compare their ideas and wrestle sometimes with finding the truest application of their truths to your daily life. This course is a giant conversation!

Accredited with UCSL as preliminary training for Licensed Professional Practitioners and Ministers

Prerequisite class: Foundations of the Science of Mind

Required textbooks: 
The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins

9/17/2014 - 11/19/2014 (Wednesdays)

$200 fee with the following 10 week class payment options:

$200 - Paid in Full

$225 - Auto Credit Card Charge ($45 x 5 weeks)

$250 - $45 Deposit and Pay "as you go"

Register now via $200 Pay in Full Option

Register now via $225 Auto Charge ($45 x 5 weeks)

Register now via $250 Pay "as you go" & $45 Deposit

Taught by Reverend Jill Clements.

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